We attended this meeting along with with many other stakehodlers on 9th December 2021. We continue to shine a light on the issues in the planning sector and construction industry, which affect EnCoWs and environmental compliance. Key themes which were raised by us and discussed in relation to ‘natural capital impacts from construction’, were as follows:

– Fair & transparent monitoring & data / sharing
– Procurement & supply chain for construction
– The role of construction contacts in the delivery of environmental commitments
– Roles and responsibilities during construction (ie. the need for CDM Regulations for environmental commitments).

It was decided that a sub-group is required to adequately discuss these issues. Two major developers have offered information around natural capital assessments for project life cycles. We’ll be reviewing this information to use as part of our consultation to influence best practice, and lobby for regulatory reform, to better define, embed and promote the role of an EnCoW.