AECoW met with IEMA on 28th January 2022 to discuss collaboration, and partnership, under our new Strategy cycle for 2022 – 25. This was in relation to delivering objectives for two of our Action Plans:

‘Defining and Promoting the Role of an EnCoW’
‘Developing Quality & Training in the EnCoW Role’.

We discussed mutual areas of interest to support each others aims and objectives, including consultation with with IEMA’s ‘Quality Mark’ EIA Working Group, regarding EIA text for EnCoWs. We are also aiming to develop joint guidance and a position statement on this with IEMA, which we will launch with IEMA under our press & media strategy, This is wiith the intention to increase consistency for EnCoW roles and responsibilities and highlight where compliance risk should sit.

We will be meeting IEMA in the summer to review progress and discuss next steps.