As part of delivering our Action Plan, Defining & Promoting the Role of an EnvCoW, we met with Oxford Brookes Uni and the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) on 31st May to discuss potential research opportunities and joint guidance.

A few key post-grad research topics that we highlighted included:

  • The Role of an EnvCoW
  • Auditing models / arrangements for monitoring environmental compliance
  • Regulatory reform for environmental roles and responsibilities (similar principles as CDM Regulations)
  • Construction impacts on the Biodiversity Crisis
  • Natural capital / environmental economic assessments: pre and post construction
  • EIAs and translating environmental commitments into construction contracts

We are developing the potential list of research topics and contacting further education institutions, so please get in touch if you have relevant contacts, or are interested in supporting this work.

Watch out for further updates regarding stakeholder engagement for drafting joint guidance!