AECoW was delighted to meet the IES on 15th March to discuss opportunities to support each others aims and objectives. A key area we discussed was Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA). The IES has an EIA Working Group and it has published a recent paper here on the future of EIA, which was central to our meeting. AECoW highlighted to IES several areas in the paper, which we support and believe we can potentially collaborate on. This includes objectives that we have already set out in our position statements on our website here and here, such as creating feedback mechanisms during construction, and post construction, independent compliance monitoring, mandatory requirements to share project data (‘centralised accessible data’) and Environmental Outcome Reports. IES also expressed an interest in participating in drafting Industry Guiding Principles for EnvCoWs with us, and many more of our stakeholders, later in the year. AECoW and IES are looking forward to formalising a partnership in the coming months.