Watch what we got up to at our Annual Conference 2023 in this quick video!

Our conference for 2023 was held in The Guildhall in York on the theme Construction Environmental Compliance: What are the Challenges & Where are the Opportunities?

We were delighted to have cohorts from across the industry represented in our programme, which included government agencies, such as the Office for Environmental Protection and Environmental Standards Scotland, as well as practitioners, contractors, designers, developers and consultants.

We also ran workshops and held a panel question session at the end of the day.

Key themes that were discussed were responsibilities of site environmental roles, construction contracts, and legislation, particularly in terms of the effectiveness of implementing, delivering, and monitoring construction environmental compliance.

We are very grateful to all who attended, and to our sponsors: Siltbuster, Mudtech, and Wastech, and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our conference next year!