This guidance sets out the process and requirements that you are expected to follow when submitting your membership application to AECoW. The flowchart provided provides an overview of the professional application process for the different routes to membership.

We now only accept online applications. To avoid your browser timing out and you losing your online application, prior to submitting your form, it is highly recommended that you download your membership form, and complete it offline in the first instance. It may take approximately 1-3 hours to complete your application form and it must be completed, and submitted, before you close your browser, or it times out.

The number of ‘parts’ varies between application forms, therefore ‘part’ numbering has been removed in this guidance.

Your application will be determined at the next Management Committee Meeting after receipt of your application.  Membership Management Committee Meetings are held three times per year, so it may take up to 14 weeks for your application to be processed, including administration time.

Should the Management Committee have clarifications regarding your application, it may invite you for a telephone interview and / or request that you attend a relevant training course, to be able to peer review, and validate, your skills and experience.


Please provide all details requested on the sheet, being as accurate as possible.

Please ensure that the name you use matches the name on any supporting documents (e.g. please do not use nick names if your academic qualifications are given in your full name).


This is not applicable to Affiliate applications.

Please complete these sections as accurately as possible, or upload your CV with equivalent information, so that the details provided match any copies of your qualification certificates you provide with your application. Please ensure that you state the type of qualification obtained (e.g. HND, BSc, BA, MSc, MA, etc).


This is not applicable to Affiliate applications.

Note there is a moral obligation on Members at all levels to maintain their skills through regular training.  Training can be through formal courses, work experience and/or personal study and it is a requirement of the Code of Conduct.

If you do not have relevant education qualifications relating to your role, then it is imperative that you demonstrate a comprehensive history of training, and / or continued professional development (CPD).


Please ensure that the description of your main duties highlights your roles and responsibilities within each post you have held as accurately as possible, to provide us with an understanding of your overall career experiences.


Project information is not applicable to Affiliate applications.

Graduate members are required to provide information on any previous paid/voluntary projects relevant to the Association.

If you are applying for membership as an ECoW:

Please clearly highlight the length of ECoW experience you have within your career to date, demonstrate how your experience meets the requirement of the membership grade you are applying for. The management committee will assess your ECoW role duration against the required durations for each membership grade. You need to identify any other training, memberships and experience that may be relevant.

  • Full member applicants are required to demonstrate 'regular' ECoW experience for a minimum of three years.
  • Associate member applicants are required to demonstrate 'regular' ECoW experience for a minimum one year.

Please provide example projects and a description of your involvement in providing ECoW services, including key decisions made, actions taken and responsibilities. It is useful to highlight over what period of time you provided ECoW services for each project, and what type of services were provided.

If you are applying for membership as an ECoW:

You need to demonstrate your understanding of the Env/ECoW role and to explain why you wish to become a member of AECoW. The use of bullet points is acceptable.

Please be concise with your responses and be wary of using words like 'ensure' when describing the role, as Env/ECoWs on site are only able offer advice and direction, and cannot take full responsibility for 'ensuring' that incidents do not take place on a site.


AECoW will contact your referees / sponsors to verify your application, which will be sent to them. In validating the application, your referees confirms that, to the best of their knowledge, you have answered the questions above truthfully and that, in their opinion, you meet the criteria, and requirements, of your membership level, as outlined in this guidance document.

  • Associate and Full members are required to provide two referees. They must be from two different sources, for example, one line manager, and one client, or stakeholder, or previous employer.
  • Graduates and Affiliate members are required to provide one referee / sponsor, who can validate your skills and experience, such as a university tutor, or colleague.

If you are applying for membership as an ECoW:

Your referees’ should have an overview of the work, and experience, relevant to your application. Your referee will be asked to provide a description of how they know you in relation to your relevant experience and skills (e.g. 'Line manager/project manager, leading the team/project responsible for the delivery of ECoW services’ and confirm your experience of current ECoW roles (Max 200 words). Note: referees must explicitly confirm the applicant’s experience, if not the application will not be considered.')


Please refer to membership costs for annual subscription fees.

Your membership commences from when your application has been successfully determined and you will notified via emailed. Membership is for a 12 month period and you will receive an automated email to pay your subscription fees via Paypal.  Prior to your membership expiring, you will be sent renewal reminders. If you do not pay your renewal fee, your membership will be automatically expire on the date given in your email reminder.


Full, Associate, Graduate Applicants must submit the following documentation:

  1. CV (two page max, particularly if Training & Education parts are not completed in the form)
  2. Copies of qualifications (if obtained)
  3. Copies of professional membership/s or qualification/s (if obtained)

Affiliate is only required to upload CV (two page max).


This part is for Full and Associate Members only and it is optional.

Should your application be successful, you have the opportunity to have your name included on our Directory of ECoWs.  The Directory is available publicly, via the AECoW website, and will allow clients, and peers, to find ECoWs, across the UK.