Before completing this application form, please ensure you have read the following documents:

Throughout this form the term ‘Environmental Clerk of Works’ (ECoW) allows for all necessary specialist environmental disciplines such as: Ecology, Hydrology, Archaeology, Landscape, Noise, Air Quality, Contaminated Land, Hydrogeology and also includes professionals who manage and/or supervise ECoWs.

We now only accept online applications, however, paper copies of the membership forms are provided, should you wish to prepare your application offline. This is recommended as the online application process may take 1-2 hours to complete and it must be completed before you close your browser.

Some fields are mandatory, if any fields are not applicable, please state ‘n/a’ or ‘none’ to allow you to progress with your application.

All fields are mandatory, if any fields are not applicable, please state ‘n/a’ or ‘none’ to allow you to progress with your application

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  • Personal Details

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  • Education

  • Please list below details of all relevant further/higher education qualifications, or provide a CV covering the same. Please include copies of qualification certificates with your application (see Part 9).

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  • Part 3

  • Training

    Please list below details of all relevant training, or provide a CV covering the same (see new Part 9).
  • Part 4

  • Personal Statement

  • This section allows you to set out your understanding of the Environmental Clerk of Works Role. Please answer each of the following questions, using no more than 200 words for each section.

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  • Part 5

  • Declaration

  • In completing and submitting this application to join the Association of Environmental Clerks of Works (AECoW) I have answered all questions truthfully. Upon confirmation of admission to the Association, I promise to abide by the AECoW Code of Conduct. I accept my moral obligation to ensure my knowledge and skills are maintained through training and professional development. I certify that the information supplied in this application form is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that details relevant to my application, enrolment and membership history will be held under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR). I agree to my contact details being used for the purposes of establishing and maintaining membership of, or support for, the Association or providing or administering activities for members.

  • (electronic signatures are acceptable)
  • Part 6

  • Sponsor Details

  • All Student Member applications must be signed off by a Sponsor. Your Sponsor should be an experienced professional who judges your skills and experience appropriate for Membership of AECoW at the Student level. Your Sponsor may be, for example, your current academic supervisor or employer. Sponsors cannot be related to applicants.

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  • Part 7

  • Payment

  • Your application will be determined at the Management Committee Meeting which falls on the next date after receipt of your completed application. Management Committee Meetings are held on a monthly basis however it may take up to 8 weeks for your application to be processed. It may be necessary to conduct a short telephone interview to discuss your answers in further detail.

  • The Annual fee for Student Membership is FREE.

  • Applicants for Student Membership must be studying part time or full time on a course leading to an examined degree, HND or equivalent qualification in a discipline that has a high content of environmental management, environmental science or ecology, or engineering science.

  • Student Members are not entitled to use a suffix but can state student membership on their CV.

  • On Graduating, a Student Member will automatically be upgraded to Graduate Membership on production of qualification certificates. The Annual Fee for Graduate Membership is £15.00, and this will fall due for payment at the point of upgrade (Note: Graduates not in employment for up to 3 years’ after qualifying will remain on FREE membership until such times as they have found gainful employment).

  • Membership is for the year January to December.

  • Incomplete applications will be returned to applicants. Please ensure you have filled in all the relevant parts and enclosed copies of your qualification certificate/s and CV (if required).

  • Part 8

  • Relevant File Upload

    Please refer to the Membership Guidance to ensure you upload relevant files.
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