Members are required to pay their subscriptions online, through their accounts, within 30 days from issue of the initial renewal email. Failure to pay subscriptions within this timeframe results in lapsed membership. Lapsed members will not be able to:

  • Access the Members’ Area
  • Register for webinars
  • Receive discounts for events / training, and other membership benefits outlined on the website
  • Be a member of the Members’ Forum
  • Record your member details on the ‘Search for an EnvCoW’ database on our website
  • Have your case studies on our website
  • Use the AECoW suffix
  • Claim to be a member of AECoW.

It is a condition that members also maintain their membership of their professional bodies and therefore this must also not lapse. If this occurs, then AECoW members are automatically considered lapsed until it is their professional membership is reinstated.

If lapsed members wish to re-join at a later date, they need to pay for the full lapsed period since their last subscription, at the current fee rate, on a pro rata monthly basis, with a 30 % mark-up.

The lapsed member must contact AECoW for their outstanding fees to be calculated and agreed for reinstatement to occur, as it will be on a case-by-case basis.

If a member has lapsed for a period greater than two years, then they must re-apply to become a member.

AECoW will aim to seek feedback for the reasons for lapsing.

If a member would like to defer their membership, then they must contact AECoW, for the Committee to consider the deferral, for such reasons such as, a career break, maternity/paternity, hardship. The member must notify the Committee, for agreement to suspend membership.