AECoW will deliver a training programme, which will support our aims and objectives to ‘focus on quality and outcomes’, under Action 8 of the ‘Developing Quality & Training Action Plan’. To achieve this, we will partner with organisations and focus on monitoring compliance to reflect key EnvCoW role requirements, as AECoW defines it. To this end, AECoW will establish relationships with key stakeholders / training providers such as IEMA, CIRIA, CIEEM and CIWEM, etc, with the intention of influencing them to:

  • Define, and promote, the role of an EnvCoW in line with our definition; and
  • Develop quality & training for EnvCoWs in line with our aims and objectives.

AECoW will actively support development of training courses by our Supporting Organisations. Please refer to our Supporting Organisations Framework here for details about how to become a Supporting Organisation.

AECoW will seek opportunities to endorse courses which relate to the role of the EnvCoW, as we define it. The content of any training shall be submitted to AECoW, and will be assessed by the Management Committee, in terms of supporting, and promoting the aims and objectives of AECoW. AECoW will not endorse courses that do not support our aims and objectives.

Once the Management Committee confirm that the training promotes, and defines the EnvCoW role as we define it, then the stakeholder / training provider is permitted to use our logo.

We will identify knowledge gaps from members regarding compliance monitoring and work with Supporting Organisations to support their delivery of training.